Manual Infusion of Evil (The Corbbitt Trilogy Book 2)

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California Cooper. By Mary Morris. By Swan Huntley. By Phillip Margulies. By Janet Benton. By Jesse May. By Lucy Sykes.

By Jonathan L. By Pam Jenoff. By Un-su Kim. By Federico Andahazi. By Kim Barnes. By Lincoln Child. By Sophie Mackintosh. By Colson Whitehead. By Xiaolu Guo. By Adam O'Fallon Price. By Becket. Home Books Fiction. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Items - of Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. After their grisly battle for supremacy over the One Land, the king and his five knights anticipate peaceful times ahead of them.

Then, almost before they can rest their bloody swords on the ground, angels and demons—masquerading as humans—begin to carouse the Earth, vying for human souls before their very eyes, powerless to stop it. While the king and his knights are without equal on the battlefield, this war is different from all the others they have had to face.

It takes place in the heart of their cities and of their people. A secret war of influence has started with the rise of the One King, and the outcome, the doom or salvation of their world, is to be determined by Yan, a boy with unimaginable powers chosen to be the scale on which the actions of men shall be weighed. Assuring readers that they are about to find out, the narrator takes us on a journey through the insanity of present-day Cairo in and out of minibuses, malls, and crash pads, navigating the city's pinball machine of social life with tolerable efficiency.

But lurking under the rocks in his grouchy, chain-smoking, pharmaceutically-oriented, twenty-something life are characters like his elusive psychiatrist uncle with a disturbing interest in phobias. And then there's Abbas, the narrator's best friend who surfaces at critical moments to drive our hero into uncontrollably multiplying difficulties. For instance, theres the ticklish situation with the simultaneous blind-dates Abbas has set up for him on different levels of a coffee-shop in a Cairo mall with two girls both called Hind.

With friends like Abbas, what paranoiac needs enemies? A Taste for Honey By H. Murder by an Aristocrat By Mignon G. Noble Imposter By Amanda L. It is years in the future, and the world is being oppressed by the ruling class.

Understanding Moral Weakness (Value Inquiry Book Series)

Monica, a slave girl, escaped the chip-implantation process. Out of desperation he embarks on an epic journey to a land no one in his village believes exists, to be healed of a disease no one thinks he has. His quest for truth leads him to a fantastical world of witches, dragons, giants, danger, and deception.

Tracked by an evil lord and accompanied by only one friend, Kadin must face his greatest fear to find the healing he longs for most. If you think you know the story, think again. Twists lurk around every corner. The journey begins now. Destiny awakes in the hills.

The Unraveling of Wentwater By C. The backward village of Wentwater is unraveling, one word at a time, and neither the wise men in the heights nor the superstitious villagers can undo the spell gone awry. Teralyn, who only wants to play her music with the young man she loves, becomes entangled in prophecy and destiny when she learns she is the one foretold to cause the undoing of Wentwater, and only by stitching every word back into existence can she save everyone she loves.

The Land of Darkness By C.

Yoga in the Woods

The danger lies in your heart. Others have lost their lives searching for the bridge.

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Are you certain you are prepared to pay that price? Heartsick and hopeless, Jadiel sets out alone and afraid. Obsessed with finding this bridge, he sets off seeking clues to its possible existence, unknowingly beginning a perilous and mystifying undertaking. On his journey, he rescues Jadiel from brigands and learns their quests are linked—as the elusive bridge Callen seeks is crafted from the rare tree Jadiel must find.

The trail of clues leads them to the forbidden Land of Darkness, where they must face the greatest dangers of all—what lies in their hearts. Situated in Ohio, a free territory before the Civil War, Tawawa House is an idyllic retreat for southern white men who vacation there every summer with their enslaved black mistresses.

~ My interviews with many authors

It's their open secret. Lizzie, Reenie, and Sweet are regulatrs at the resort, building strong friendships over the years. To run is to leave everything behind, and for some it also means escaping from the emotional and psychological bonds that bind them to their masters. When a fire on the resort sets off a string of tragedies, the women of Tawawa House soon learn that triumph and dehumanization are inseparable and that love exists even in the most inhuman, brutal of circumstances.

Racial segregation in a small s Mississippi community is brought into question in the aftermath of an apparent hunting accident, an event that also tests the views of two prominent physicians. A first novel. The novel tells the story of Henry Townsend, a black farmer and former slave who becomes a plantation owner in the antebellum South.

In this moviong and powerful collection of fourteen sublime short stories, the prize-winning author of 'Lost in the City' and 'The Known World' turns an unflinching eye to the men, women, and children casught between the old ways of the South and the temptations that await them in the city of Washington, D. Teenage ugly duckling Davie Jones runs away to Los Angeles after a particularly cruel high school prank, where she eventually transforms herself into a beautiful, successful lounge singer, and meets up with her former football-player crush who doesn't recognize her.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward P. Jones tells the story of Henry Townsend, a black farmer and former slave who falls under the tutelage of William Robbins, the most powerful man in Manchester County, Virginia. Making certain he never circumvents the law, Townsend runs his affairs with unusual discipline.

Rico, Judicial Activism, and the Roots of Separation of Powers by Benjamin V. Madison III :: SSRN

Jones has woven a footnote of history into an epic that takes an unflinching book at slavery in all its moral complexities. Courtney and Martin know all the words to all the songs on the mix tape of their lives. They have the cynical in-jokes down, the snide asides, the nonchalant pose. With X-ray vision and fine-tuned prose, Dew discovers insights and absurdities in the Americana of box stores, elite colleges, poetry students, buffet restaurants, historic plaques, alternative radio, conspiracy theorists, installation artists, and lug-headed drug experimentalists.

Short Stories By Henry I. Prize Stories The O. More than twenty short stories are presented in a collection that represents some of the most noted new voices in contemporary American fiction, and is accompanied by a contributors' notes section. Gathers three stories and two novels by Larsen, an influential writer of the Harlem Renaissance, and briefly describes her background. A second volume in the author's series of novels chronicling the life of Christ begins prior to his baptism in the Jordan River and concludes with the miracle at Cana, as he leaves his everyday life in Nazareth to confront his destiny, the Devil's temptations and the call to be Israel's liberator from Roman occupation.

A best-selling book. Hoping to reclaim a van that was featured in a possible prophetic dream, Precious and Grace find themselves helping an apprentice of Phuti Radiphuti, investigating a cattle poisoning, and considering Grace's possible marriage to Phuti. Kit Noonan is an unemployed art historian with twins to support, a mortgage to pay, and a frustrated wife who insists that, to move forward, Kit must first confront a crucial mystery about his past.

Born to a single teenage mother, he has never known the identity of his biological father. Immersing readers in a panorama that stretches from Vermont to the tip of Cape Cod, And the Dark Sacred Night is an unforgettable novel about the youthful choices that steer our destinies, the necessity of forgiveness, and the risks we take when we face down the shadows of our past. The O.

go here Dreading the prison release of his violent older brother, who blames him for his imprisonment and for stealing his pregnant girlfriend, young drug dealer Alfredo struggles with cultural clashes in Queens while planning to steal a pit bull for a homecoming dogfight.

Doctor Glas, a lonely, introspective physician, confronts a difficult and chilling moral dilemma after the beautiful wife of the local minister, an odious man for whom Glas has long felt an instinctive hostility, complains to him of her husband's oppressive sexual attentions, and Doctor Glas suddenly finds himself contemplating murder.