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Media Studies. He is also co-editor of the book Landscapes of the Self.

Journal Articles. Hannibal NBC —15 is a bloody and violent television series that also displays an embellishe Save to Library Download Edit. The analysis of the mechanisms that enable identification is based on cognitive media theory Carroll; Plantinga; Smith , and is reinforced through media psychology, applied through a close reading of the last season of the series.

Theoretical framework.

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The concept of moral sympathy is proposed as a synthesis of narrative familiarity and moral modulation of the ethical perspective. The popularization of the antihero is linked to the dramatic and narrative need of seriality: the The emotional affinity with the antihero has recently become the object of study. For that purpose, we will select the characters - main or secondary - that the writers use as narrative strategy to guide the emotional and moral responses of the spectator the emotional and moral responses of the viewer in their particular relationship with the anti-hero.

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We will mainly focus on the reactions of these characters to the amoral behaviors of the antiheroes. We propose a methodology of textual analysis that, based on cognitivist theorists, will serve as a mechanism to better understand the construction of the anti-hero and to investigate the effects of authorial decisions on viewers. On the other, The Shield offers a breathtaking cop-show that features in the foreground the moral ambiguity that characterizes the noir genre. Baltimore and Los Angeles are portrayed not only as a dangerous and ruined physical places, but are also intertwined with moral and political issues in contemporary cities, such as race, class, political corruption, social disintegration, economical disparities, the limitations of the system of justice, the failure of the American dream and so on.

Prozac para zombies. The contemporary sentimentalization of the living dead in television. This article analyses one of the most notorious TV trend in the last years —the zombie—, and how In order to analyse this cultural phenomena, firstly we will explore the metaphorical condition that traditionally has been associated with zombie narratives since George A.

Romero reinvention. Next, we will study —by taking a close look to some examples— the causes for the ongoing humanization the living dead have gone through both in cinema and television.

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This article analyses how TV fiction, in the last fifteen years, has become one of the most stimu The article is divided into two parts. In the first, armed with narratological and poetic elements, we will define the serial story, stripping away the husk of its principal forms and explain why it is now the best media for telling lengthy stories. In the second part we will pause to examine specifically variations on the traditional story: alternate universes, time jumps, coincidence between diegetic time in the story and real time and other mechanisms that have made television fiction the most daring way for telling stories.

Un western de sentimientos: 'In Treatment' y la cultura emocional La balsa de la medusa, Paul Weston mantiene con sus pacientes. This article examines how, coming from different aesthetic and generic directions, a representati In this way, they are —implicitly or explicitly— reflecting on the conventions of Realism. The article begins by exposing some theoretical issues about the concept of metafiction.

The Rise of 'Bright Noir'. European Television Crime Drama and Beyond , This article explores how some recent American TV crime dramas that can be specifically labelled Cine y series. La promiscuidad infinita". La promiscuidad infinita , Ficciones cercanas. La frontera y el hechizo de la eterna pregunta La verdad de las mentiras.

Aquella triste Salamanca sincopada. Hans fotografiando un Madrid que ya no existe.

Las galas del emperador. La verdad. La sospecha. Zombie Blues. This article analyses one of the most notorious TV trends in the last several years —the zombie—, Next, we will study —by taking a close look at some examples— the causes for the ongoing humanization the living dead have gone through both in cinema and television. The Wire University.

Get PDF Corrupción, Amor y Franquicias (Spanish Edition)

Lo estamos construyendo desde cero. Moral Emotions, Antiheroes and the Limits of Allegiance Chips to Scarface. We see Walter White in his living room, giving little Holly a bottle of milk. This important step in the metamorphosis of Walter is again mitigated by several factors: children, the family and everyday domestic life.

Self-defence is, of course, the justification for these deaths, but the devotion of a father towards his little baby also enter into the moral and emotional equation that characterises Breaking Bad. Accordant , adj. According , prep. Ayon, alinsunod.

Accordingly , adv. Naaayon; naaalinsunod. Accost , v. Account , n. Account , v. Accountability , n. Accountable , adj. Account-book , n. Accountant , adj. Accountant , n. Accoutre , v.

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Accrue , v. Accumulate , v. Magbunton, magsalansan. Accumulation , n. Accuracy , n. Accurate , adj. Ganap, lubos, wagas. Accurse , v. Accusation , n. Sumbong, bintang; paratang. Accusable , adj. Accuse , v.